Bankruptcy Proceedings

The primary goal of the bankruptcy procedure is the collective settlement of the creditors of the bankrupt debtor in a situation where he has become unable to pay, that is, he is facing a future inability to pay. The collective settlement of creditors is carried out either through the termination of the business venture and the monetization of the debtor’s property or through its reorganization.

The professional team of the Tošić and Jevtic Law Firm offers its clients extensive protection of their rights and interests as creditors in all stages of the bankruptcy procedure, through the preparation of documentation and the submission of a proposal for the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings, reporting of the creditor’s claims, representation at the court hearings scheduled on the occasion of the initiated bankruptcy proceedings, as well as legal assistance and representation in litigation proceedings in case of disputing the creditor’s claim and/or representation in the proceedings to refute the debtor’s legal actions, as well as in the preparation of plans for the reorganization of the company .

In the past period, our law firm was involved in some of the worst bankruptcy proceedings, where as support for our clients we enabled the restart of some of the largest industrial facilities in the country.

Our team in this area is led by:

Ivica Jevtic

Managing Partner

Elena Kuzmanovska