Debt Collection

Law firm Tošić and Jevtic has extensive experience in the overall management of claims collection procedures, from the moment of their initiation and forwarding to a competent notary and/or court; representation in mediation proceedings; or before competent Courts in the Republic of North Macedonia; in legal remedy proceedings, and finally, in enforcement proceedings before the appointed Bailiffs at the level of the entire state.

Considering the breadth of such professional experience, the Tošić and Jevtic Law Firm offers its clients full support in the process of collecting the claims they have towards their Debtors.

This kind of service provides the Client with complete security in the manner, quality and orderliness of conducting forced collection procedures and, at the same time, leads to an increase in the percentage of collected claims.

Our law firm has an average annual collection of our clients’ claims of around 3 million euros per year.

Our team in this area is led by: