Labor Law

Labor relations, the process of their establishment, duration and termination, are a significant segment of the work of every Employer as well as Employee.

Hence, we at the Tošić and Jevtic Law Firm are particularly dedicated and careful in the precise and appropriate application of the provisions of the legal and by-law texts of the legislation in this area, and consequently in the practice of labor law in relations with our Clients. We offer our clients comprehensive advice and are actively involved in the processes from the foundation, successful course, promotion of working relationships, as well as termination of them, when necessary, and we also represent them in court proceedings of labor disputes, although our first and the main goal is to avoid such procedures, to reduce them or, when they are a last resort, to win them in favor of the Client whom we represent, of course. 

Our team in the field of labor relations is led by Partner Lawyer Ana Tosic Chubrinovski. 

  • Services in the field of labor relations from the private sector in various areas of industry;
  • Human resource Management
  • Preventive measures
  • Employment contracts and competitive contracts
  • Managerial contracts
  • Disciplinary regulations and internal acts of the employer
  • Counseling in the field of labor relations
  • Trainings for employers and management
  • Court proceedings in the field of labor relations
  • Protection and safety at work

Our team in this area is led by:

Ana Tosic

Managing Partner