With the recent amendments to the Companies Law, legislators introduced the institute of convertible loans—an eagerly anticipated option for investors and startup companies in North Macedonia.

In 2022, through amendments to the Companies Law, lawmakers provided investors (third parties) with the ability to convert provided loans into shares. This conversion process involves increasing the company’s share capital by issuing new shares or, in other words, transforming the given loan into shares.

In this article, we will outline the procedure for augmenting the share capital by issuing new shares using convertible loans in a limited liability company.

Convertible loans

The process

The procedure for increasing the company’s share capital is governed by the Companies Law and is executed through the Trade Registry maintained by the Central Registry of North Macedonia.

A loan provided by a third party (investor) intending to convert it into shares must be paid in cash. The conversion of the loan into shares must be completed no later than the end of the third year from the signing of the loan agreement.

To implement this process, the Investor and the Company are required to undertake the following steps:

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Prior to the recent amendments to the Companies Law, the conversion of loans into shares was limited to existing shareholders of the Company exclusively.

However, with the latest amendments to the law, this option has been extended to third parties investing in a company, providing them with the opportunity to convert their loans into shares of the Company.

This development presents a favorable option, particularly for startup companies in North Macedonia, as it allows them to attract investors by offering the conversion of loans as a form of security for the investment.

Convertible Loans

Ivana Jevtic Nikolova