Divorce is significant and sensitive issue that affects families worldwide, and North Macedonia is no exception. In recent years, divorces in North Macedonia have seen a notable increase, reflecting evolving social and economic factors that influence martial relationships.

In accordance with the Family Law of North Macedonia, marriage is legally regulated union of life between a man and a woman in which the interests of the spouses, the family and society are realized.

For now, in the Republic of North Macedonia, marriages between people of the same sex are still not allowed. Additionally, if a Macedonian citizen enters into a same-sex marriage in another marriages country, they are not able to register that marriage in the Civil Registry Office for births, marriages and deaths. https://uvmk.gov.mk/.

 The divorce lawsuit is one of the ways to terminate a marital union.

One of the ways to divorce is by submitting a marital agreement proposal for divorce by the spouses. In the material agreement proposal for divorce, supposes agree in the way parental rights, duties, child-rearing and child support, if applicable will be handled.

The marital agreement method of divorce is painless, practical, fast and cost-effective primarily because the process can be completed in a single court session, where spouses will affirm that they have made decision seriously, unhesitatingly and freely.

Contrary to the above, filing a lawsuit for a divorce by one of the spouses is a different method. The progress of this procedure depends on the behavior of the other spouse, whether they will acknowledge the lawsuit and accept it as such, or on the contrary, the may propose and provide evidence that may contribute to the prolongation of the process.

A common procedure that is carried out regardless of whether a marital settlement proposal for divorce has been submitted or divorce lawsuit is the mediation process.

If the married couple has minor children or children whom parental rights are extended, the mediation process is conducted by the social services center, and if not, by the court.

In order for the divorce settlement agreement to be successful, it is especially important for both spouses to be present at the mediation hearing.

The mediation process will not be conducted if:

According to the data from the State Statistical Office https://www.stat.gov.mk/, the number of divorces in 2022 shows a decrease of 17.9% compared to 2121, with a total of 1.613 divorced marriages.

Divorces in North Macedonia have become more prevalent, reflecting changing societal norms, economic pressures, and improved legal accessibility. While this trend has brought both positive and negative consequences, it highlights the need for better support systems for couples in crisis and greater emphasis on marriage counseling and education to help prevent divorces and promote healthier relationships.

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Marija Boceska