Despite being a relatively small country, the Republic of North Macedonia has a significant history in the exploitation of mineral resources. In the past year 2022, data indicates that the top 5 mining companies alone generated a total revenue of nearly 270 million euros, with a net profit of around 68 million euros.

While there is an increasing demand for investments in green and non-polluting industries or renewable sources, the impact of the mining sector on the economy of the Republic of North Macedonia cannot be overlooked.

The mining sector positively influences the development of the Macedonian economy. Its contribution to the GDP is approximately 2%, and it constitutes about 3.2% of the country’s exports. The sector directly employs over 8,000 individuals, offering a higher average gross salary compared to other industries. Mining wages surpass those in agriculture, forestry, and fishing by 67.1%, in manufacturing by 58%, in construction by 42.8%, and in retail trade by 45.5%.

Mining activities are often concentrated in small towns where economic development and survival are closely tied to the economic activity of these mining companies. Besides being significant employers and tax contributors, large mining companies indirectly create at least three (3) times more jobs in industries serving as suppliers to these companies.


According to the Law on Mineral Resources (Official Gazette of the Republic of North Macedonia no. 136/12, 25/13, 93/13, 44/14, 160/14, 129/15, 192/15, 39/16, 53/16, 120/16, 189/16, and Official Gazette of the Republic of North Macedonia no. 7/19, 99/22, 129/23, and 253/23, hereinafter referred to as the “Law on Mineral Resources”), the concessionaire conducting the exploitation of mineral resources is obligated to pay:

The amount of compensation is determined according to the Tariff for Determining the Amounts of Compensation for Issuing Permits and Concessions for Detailed Geological Exploration and Concessions for the Exploitation of Mineral Resources, which, for metallic minerals, amounts to 2% of their market value.

Additionally, in accordance with Article 76 of the Law on Mineral Resources, 78% of the concession compensation goes to the municipalities where the concession activity takes place, while only 22% goes to the state budget. This distribution stimulates local development, especially in small municipalities where these funds are crucial for growth and development.

Safety and Environmental Protection

Safety at work and environmental protection are prioritized in North Macedonia, a candidate country for EU membership. This has led to a significant reduction in workplace accidents and fatalities. The mining sector in North Macedonia currently does not rank among the top 5 industries in terms of injuries and accidents at work.

According to reports from the Macedonian Association for Workplace Injuries, in 2020 and 2021, there were only 9 (nine) reports of workplace related accidents in the entire mining sector, and  in 2022 only (four) 4 workplace related accidents making it one of the safest industries due to strict adherence to training, provision of protective equipment, and compliance with safety regulations.

Regarding environmental protection, one of the major challenges in the mining sector, the Ministry of Environment in North Macedonia regularly conducts strict controls. The requirement for A-integrated environmental permits for the operation of large mining companies ensures minimal or non-existent impact on the environment. In the last 10 (ten) years, there has been no example of significant environmental damage or pollution from any company engaged in the exploitation of metallic minerals, neither in soil nor water.


While the mining sector is often considered polluting and hazardous, with the proper application of new technologies and legal regulations that enforce strict safety and environmental protection standards, the sector can contribute to sustainable and environmentally friendly growth and development in the Macedonian economy.

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Mining Sector

Ivica Jevtic – Managing partner at Tosic & Jevtic law firm