Environmental – Social – Governance (ESG)

Our law firm has formed a strategic partnership with ESGPRO, a UK-based ESG company, to introduce ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors in North Macedonia. Together with our partners at ESGPRO, we are providing Sustainability Consulting services to global brands, ESG guidance for SME / SMB clients, Carbon (GHG) Emissions reporting, and Sustainability reporting.

As pioneers in our field, we take pride in being the first Macedonian law office to offer licensed ESG reporting services. This collaboration enables us to deliver comprehensive ESG solutions to our clients, empowering businesses in North Macedonia to embrace sustainable practices and meet the growing demands of ESG-conscious stakeholders.

Our law firm specializes in providing expert legal advice to the gaming industry, encompassing live games and online platforms. We offer comprehensive guidance on the regulatory framework, licensing, fees, and meeting all legal requirements necessary for the smooth operation of gaming businesses.

We work closely with gaming companies on a day-to-day basis, ensuring their adherence to legal requirements and assisting them in fulfilling necessary obligations. Our team is dedicated to helping the gaming industry thrive while maintaining strict compliance with the law.